Vlad  Diaconu

Vlad Diaconu

Founder - The Startups

Vlad Diaconu has been working in online commerce since 2006, contributing to the development and expansion of Fashion Days in 11 European countries.

In 2012 he joined elefant.ro, supporting the transformation of the online bookstore into a family-owned mall.

Later he launched BestValue, Europe's first duty-free online store, and contributed to the development of iStyle stores that comercialize Apple products, and sustained the company's growth strategy across all 7 countries.

Over the past 10 years, Vlad Diaconu has supported the launching, growth and transformation of more than 50 local and international companies in the online environment. Currently Vlad is the founder of the eCommerce agency TheStartUps.eu and trainer of How To eCommerce courses.

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